Početna procjena programa “Inkluzivni centri u zajednicama”

The project “Transformation of Day Care Centres for People with Disabilities through Community Participation” is planned to be implemented in five communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina from 2011 to 2013 with the goal to promote equality of every person through supporting the centres for people with disabilities to become sustainable inclusive centres, open to all community members. Existing day-care centers for persons with disabilities run by non-governmental organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina deal exclusively with persons with disabilities thus strengthening their segregation and isolation from the mainstream social life. Apart from recording a baseline in order to measure change at project-end the baseline was conducted also to get answers for some of the following questions: How do Centres see themselves, what kind of activities they are offering and could offer? How the Centres are viewed by the people they most interact with (e.g. parents, teachers, social workers…)? Are they excluded or viewed as partners in local community? Are they open for all community members, in which way? How prepared are key players for the program from a point of view of policy, infrastructure, resources? In which areas and/or groups in the community do they expect visible changes?