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Results of survey for GTZ.

This document presents findings of the study done with young women who took part in project ‘KOSNICA’ – Strengthening Women Youth Leaders in Youth Organizations. Project ‘KOSNICA’ is designed to increase the emancipation and self-esteem of girls, their awareness of the importance of their active involvement in a democratic society as public figures and creating new partnerships with local associations and authorities, and to increase representation of women in B&H society. ‘KOSNICA’ consists of basic training for girls in 12 selected municipalities, small projects, as well as advanced training and study tour to the most active young leaders. Participants of the project are 180 young women age 15 to 30 from 12 selected municipalities. This survey, carried form September to December 2010, is a part of research aimed at measuring impact and influence of the training for the women youth leaders. The research is designed to have baseline study measuring key areas which the training tries to improve and endline study. The baseline study was carried out just before the start of the training and beside the girls (trainees) involved in the ‘KOSNICA’ project, their friends (peers) who were not part of ‘KOSNICA’ project with whom trainees were very close at the time were also surveyed.

Pre-post evaluation of project “Strengthening Women Youth Leaders”.

Pre-post evaluation of training courses conducted as a part of a project. The project is focused on female youth from undeveloped municipalities in B&H and with aim to help them develop advocacy, leadership and organizational skills to dialogue with the government, and to empower them to become active players in developing democratic society. A long-term capacity building component is based on training and learning by doing methodology organized in eight modules for 180 female in 12 municipalities in BiH.

Evaluation of Youth Strategy component of ‘Development and Support of the Youth Sector in BiH’.

This document presents the results of the quantitative and qualitative research carried out in order to evaluate Youth strategies, a component of GZT’s project ‘Development and Support of the Youth Sector in BiH”. Youth strategy is a document produced by the community with a view to improve the position of youth and address their problems. It contains clearly set objectives and custom design programs in different fields.

Evaluation of Youth Officers Training.

This document presents the results of the qualitative research carried out in order to evaluate the ‘GTZ Youth Officers Training” course, a program that enables municipal administration employees to become Youth Officers who will advocate for youth issues in their community as experts and contact persons for youth affairs.

Evaluation of youth leader training.

This document presents the results of a quantitative and qualitative research project carried out in order to evaluate the ‘One Year Youth Leader Training’ course, a program that enables young people to become activists to advocate for youth issues in their community: ‘youth leaders’ and at the same time to aquire skills and knowledge to assist in the creation of local youth policies and engage in the work of youth organisations.