methods: -evaluation

We have conducted over 70 evaluations of local, national and international projects for a variety of donors.

proMENTE specialises in multi-source, multi-method evaluation. This means that a number of quite different methods, from checklists and questionnaires to internet surveys, focus groups and interviews, are conducted and also analysed by different personnel. For example, our evaluation clients have found that strongly qualitative techniques such as Most Significant Change methodology are essential to finding out what a project is really achieving through the eyes of beneficiaries and other stakeholders, which is often distinctively different from the project plan; at the same time we use a wide range of both standard and innovative quantitative techniques to help clients actually measure changes in attitudes, beliefs and behaviour, which are often central to project goals but rarely systematically measured.

Each of these methods and sources makes its own contribution to the accuracy, relevance and objectivity of the final report, which is written as an explicit synthesis of these different sources. We also encourage stakeholders, especially higher-level project management, to read the final draft and make comments. A synthesis of these comments is then also included as part of the final report.