topic: -volunteering

I have completed several different groups of research projects on volunteering.

1) A series of evaluations and training courses for the South-East European Youth Network SEEYN: [@esad_bratovic_online_2009;@powell_intercultural_2008;@powell_research_2008;@powell_pro-social_2007;@powell_we_2007;@powell_come_2005] including evaluations of the impact of international voluntary service on young people.

2) Another series of international voluntary service research projects for the Roma-Gadje Dialog through Service Initiative [@powell_roma-gadje_2007;@powell_monitoring_2006]

3) A substantial report on the impact of long-term youth international voluntary service for AVSO [@powell_overview_2007;@powell_shaping_2007;@powell_challenges_2008;@powell_research_2008;@powell_research_2008-1;@powell_impact_2007].

4) A substantial report with follow-up articles and presentations for UNV on the contribution of volunteerism to the MDGs [@powell_understanding_2010-2;@powell_research_2008; @bratovic_omladinski_2006]. One article looked at social capital in transition countries [@powell_volunteerism._2009] based on data from the World Values Survey and fieldwork and deskwork in several of the countries.

5) I have also conducted several other analyses [@powell_research_2008;@bratovic_omladinski_2006;@powell_analysis_2006] of volunteerism for UNV.

6) A research project on online and offline pro-social behaviour recently published as an article in a peer-reviewed journal [@bosancianu_social_2013].